Our professional team provides first-class plant care services in the Western New York area. We take great care in the work we do and the services we provide.

Plant Care

Tree/Shrub Fertilization: We treat in the spring and fall with a unique blend of fertilizer. The results are a stronger, healthier plant. It creates a more efficient photosynthesis process and vigorous growth while also developing healthier roots.

Tree Injection Emerald Ash Borer: This is an extremely effective treatment in borer control. Emerald Ash Borer and Bronze Birch Borer are especially at risk to borer injury and total tree death. 

Insect Control: We will visit your property and inspect and treat for leaf, stem or bark damaging insects such as caterpillars, beetles, scale, mites, aphids, etc.

Disease Management: Aj's Plant Service uses fungicides designed to treat specific problems. Diseases such as: Apple Scab, Needlecast, Fire Blight, are scheduled at the correct time for optimum control.

Lawn Care

Fertilizer and Weed Control: Five (5) treatments of fertilizer containing Nitrogen and Potassium for color, and Plant health from the leaf blade to the roots, we will at times add iron for additional health and color and other micro and macro nutrients as needed. We use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to control weeds such as Crabgrass, Ground Ivy, Chickweed, Black Medic, and other common and not so common weeds. 

Lime Treatment: To allow fertilizers to be made best available to the grass plant, sometimes the soil needs to be adjusted for the pH. A lime treatment is great for allowing the grass plant to get available nutrients.

Grub and Cranefly Treatment: The larva stage of many beetle species and Cranefly can destroy a lawn quickly by damaging the turf roots. Stop them in their tracks with this important treatment.

Liquid Aeration: This treatment is less invasive to the lawn and does not leave soil plugs behind. It works by loosening the soil and eliminating thatch. This allows water, air and nutrients to become more readily available to the grass roots, creating a thicker stand of turf. 

Vegetation Treatment: We offer an organic and a conventional approach to removing any unwanted vegetation including grasses. 

Home Care

Organic Perimeter Pest Control: Four (4) treatments around your foundation of our all natural insect repellent. This will keep the insects outside where they belong.

Organic Mosquito & Tick Control: Make sure your guests aren't on the menu this year! Check out our Mosquito Management & Control options today. With our 100% Organic product, it makes it completely safe for children, pets, and wildlife.

Tree Services

Please contact AJ's Tree Service. Specializing in pruning, removal, large technical take downs - damage control to property, tree consultant, fertilization, decompaction, boft bucket truck - ISA Certified Arborist - in field of trees, free estimates, insured, deadwooding, stump grinding, tree service, tree care, tree cutting, cabling, and mulching.